We design and build front entrances, walkways, driveways, patios from a variety of material that customers can choose from. Often customers choose to combine a few materials together to create contrast. When you meet with one of our representatives, he will explain in a very detailed manner what care is required for each of the material that you will be interested in, in order to preserve the durability of the material.


Every idea is unique to the client, and it is our job to ensure their desired landscape design, whether it is hardscape or softscape, is achieved. In the first stage of our planning, we determine what kind of plant maintenance our client is interested in, such as high, medium or low. Our second step is looking through a list of plants, shrubs, flowerbeds, natural stone and prefabricated concrete elements, retaining walls, etc., that best suits their desired layout. When it comes to planning your landscape design, we ensure top quality advice and innovative ideas by our skilled professionals.
Estimates are free! Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at 1-877-731-1103 or simply fill out the Online ‘Free Estimate Request’ form and one of our representatives will contact you.


Every design, regardless of its size and complexity begins with a free consultation. It is an opportunity for us to listen to our client’s needs and ask them about the type of outdoor lifestyle they wish to create. This step is essential in the planning process because it allows for us to better understand our client. During this consultation, a member of our team draws a rough sketch of the ideas, which helps to visualize their ideal living space in a greater perspective.